Hook in your language

Hello, Haló, Haloo, Allô, Hallo,こんにちは, Pronto, 여보세요, Hâlo, 喂, آلو, Алло, ¡Hola!, ฮัลโหล.

If you haven't heard yet, hook.io is a 100% open-source platform for Microservices.

Recently, we added support for 11+ software programming languages.

While it's a nice technical feature to support so many programming languages, it's equally important we support multiple written languages.

Bring on the i18n!

Many open-source projects and businesses consider i18n internationalization an after-thought, a non-critical piece of functionality which takes away from your core focus.

We believe that accessibility is key.

Limiting your project to only one language excludes large segments of users. No one should be excluded. Everyone should have the right to use your project.

For these reasons, hook.io has released i18n internationalization support for our web interface.

This is the first step in a long process of ensuring hook.io is accessible to anyone with a web connected device.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.

As of today, we have basic translations online for the German language.

You can test this functionality by visiting hook.io with your browser agent set to de, or you can simply visit: https://hook.io?lang=de

Contributing to Language Support

The neat thing about our i18n support, is that our locale translation files are located independently from any complicated source code.

Anyone can make an addition or change to our language support simply by opening a Pull Request at: https://github.com/bigcompany/hook.io-i18n

Our amazing i18n integration pulls from this repo and will automatically update the hook.io website with your new translation!

Remember: Open-source counts on your contribution

We hope to hear from you in your language soon!