Multi-cloud Virtual File System is a 100% open-source hosting platform for webhooks and microservices. Our primary focus is delivering the best possible experience for developers looking to quickly and effortlessly host robust microservices.

A highly requested feature from developers for our platform has been persistent file storage. In order to fulfill this requested functionality, we are happy to announce today our Multi-Cloud Virtual Filesystem

This new Virtual File System is available through the HTTP REST API, the Client SDK, and directly inside of your Hook Services

What does this mean for users? You now have access to seamlessly manage files across any of these five cloud file storage adapters:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Files
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Any SSH/SFTP enabled server

To keep things very easy, we've created a common file-system API for communicating with any of these cloud providers. This one simple file-system API follows the same familiar API pattern as the Node.js core fs module. Here is an example using our zero-configuration built-in file storage:

module['exports'] = function readFile (hook) {
  hook.fs.readFile('testing-file.txt', function(err, res){
    if (err){ 
      return res.end(err.message); 
    hook.res.end(JSON.stringify(res, true, 2));

There are more forkable examples here. Using your own cloud provider credentials is as simple as passing in the right configuration options.

Start managing cloud files instantly

Interested in storing files instantly? We recommend starting at:

From here you will be able to see live code examples for reading and writing to multiple cloud file providers. Simply pass in the correct configuration.

Remember, we also have support for any SFTP / SSH servers as well as a zero-configuration built-in file storage which requires no additional API access keys or registration with third party platforms.

Protip: You can store sensitive data as Environment Variables

Stream all the multi-cloud files!