Curl is a command line tool for making HTTP requests. It comes prepackaged on most machines or can be easily installed.

Curl is useful not only for debugging simple requests, but also connecting your Hooks directly to the Unix Toolchain through standard Unix Pipes.

Simple GET Request

To perform a simple HTTP Get request with query string variables try the following command:

Urlencoded Form Post

To perform an HTTP POST form submission with some data fields try the following command:

Simple JSON Post

To perform a simple HTTP JSON POST with some data fields try the following command:

Multipart file upload

To HTTP POST multipart form files, you'll need a file to send. Assuming "cat.png" is an image on your local machine try the following command:

Piping Binary Data Streams

To stream binary data try one of the following commands:

This example will pipe the output of echo to a simple transform Hook that will append text to the stream.

Use Your Imagination

There are a plethora of Unix Tools available that have been in development for decades.

Think of the Unix tool-chain and the possibilities of connecting it directly to another set of tools ( Hooks ) which can natively pipe data around the web.

Combining these tool-chains can yield very powerful results. Try creating a Hook which does that now.