Cloud Datastore

What is the Datastore?'s Datastore API allows developers to seamlessly set and retrieve documents from a persistent datastore using unique keys.

Hosted Services

There are two ways to use access the Datastore API:

Datastore HTTP API

From inside a Hook service using the hook.datastore object

Simply call any of the following Datastore methods from inside your Hook's source code.

Hook Datastore Example:

Loading Gist...

From any location using HTTP requests

All Datastore API methods are also available over HTTP.

Each of the following urls is a fully qualified API gateway capable of key based authentication.

Datastore HTTP API

Using the HTTP API will require logging in or providing a hook_private_key to access your private data.

Note: All HTTP verbs are loosely enforced. Any of the Datastore API methods will work with any HTTP verb as long as the required API parameters are satisfied.


This Datastore API is powered internally by Redis, so any native Redis commands could become available. If you require an additional method not listed please file a support issue.

Currently free development accounts have a soft-limit of 100 unique documents per account. If you require more than 100 documents you can updgrade to a paid account or contact


You should not store any un-encrypted sensitive information in the Cloud Datastore ( such as passwords / credit cards / keys ).

At this time, does not offer automatic encryption of data stored in the Cloud Datastore. In the future, we will most likely add this feature.