System Events

View your System Events Log

System Events:

All actions on are tracked internally as System Events. These events are useful for monitoring the actions your services are performing.

Events and Role Access

It's important to note that all events are available as Access Roles. This mapping allows granular role based key access per System Event.

Writing to System Events

Several useful events ( such as hook::run or keys::authCheck) are automatically written to your event service log.

A full listing of available events can currently be found here.

Currently, does not support writing custom system events.

Events API

To access the System Event log for an account, simply attach /events to the end of your account homepage.

The events endpoint for a Hook will intelligently respond based on the incoming HTTP Accept Header.


By default, system events are private. In order to access them from a third-party service, you'll need to generate a valid API Access Key with the events::read role.

Below is a link which contains a limited role API Access Key created only for demonstration purposes.

Streaming events

To access streaming events, request the events endpoint with an Accept Header value of */*

Example: curl -N

Plain Text Events

To access plain text events, request the events endpoint with an Accept Header value of text/plain

Example: curl -H "Accept: text/plain"

Client SDK

Using the Client SDK to access events is simple

Here are two examples of using the Client SDK. See SDK for more information

var sdk = require("");
var client = sdk.createClient({});
// callback style'marak', function (err, events) {
  console.log(err, events);
// streaming'marak', process.stdout);