Hot-code Gateways

In most cases, you will want to save your Service's source-code as a Hook with an associated URL.

In other situations, you may need to send code that has to be executed immediately and without any additional requests ( such as development testing or executing dynamically created source code from a third-party service ). provides a hot-code gateway which allows users to send code to be executed immediately. In fact, if you look at the Interactive Playground, you may notice it is powered by several hot-code gateways ( a separate gateway for each specific programming language ).

Examples of using the Hot-Code Gateways

Here are two simple examples of using echo and curl to execute hot-code against's gateway.


echo 'module["exports"] = function helloWorld (h) { h.res.end("Hello world!"); };' | curl --data-urlencode source@-


echo 'print "hello world"' | curl --data-urlencode source@-

You can also simply open a url to the gateway like this: "hello world"

Available Gateways

Note: Most gateways will an return an error or blank response if the source parameter is not provided