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Hosting Plans


Ideal for development and low traffic Microservices.

Unlimited Public Services, Cloud Datastore Documents, Cloud File Storage, Logs and Events


Great for hobbies and MVPs.

All the benefits of the Free! plan, plus Private Microservices, Configurable time-outs on Hooks, Custom Role Checks


The plan for small businesses.

All the benefits of the Small plan, plus Priority Support


Businesses-strength microservices.

No Specific Restrictions. If you need something, we'll work with you to make it happen.


Business-strength microservices.

  • No Setup Fee**
  • ~5,000 Requests Per Second
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Branded White-Label Site
  • Custom Domains
  • Priority Support
  • No Specific Restrictions*

If your enterprise need something, we'll work with you to make it happen.

Note: Most stated limits for are "soft-limits", and not "hard-limits". This means will not immediately de-activate your services in the event that your monthly account limit is hit.

Our goal is to keep your services online and running. In the event your monthly account limits are hit, we'll attempt to contact you to find a solution.

*Any of these plans may change in the future with no notice. Our goal is to maintain a fair pricing model. New features will be added and service classes may be adjusted.

**Dedicated Servers or White Label sites may take up to two weeks to setup. Any White Label site designs must be provided by you. is fully theme-able and it is very easy to create a new custom branded White-Label View of the site ( without needing to modify any back-end code ). Please reach out if you have any questions about Dedicated Hosting.

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